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Jiaxing Nomoy Pet Products Co., Ltd. was established in 2008, which combines design, production with sales of pet products. The company factory is located in Xinhuang industrial park, and the sales office is located in the pleasant scenery in Nanhu District, Jiaxing. The company has more than 100 employees now, including sales representatives, design research and development team, customer service personnel and producing and packing workers.


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  • Silver Aluminum Alloy Reptile Enclosure Screen Cage NX-06

    Silver Aluminum Alloy Reptile Enclosure Screen ...

     Product Name Silver Aluminum alloy reptile enclosure screen cage  Product Specifications Product Color XS-23*23*33cm S-32*32*46cm M-43*43*66cm L-45*45*80cm Silver  Product Material Aluminum alloy  Product Number NX-06  Product Features Available in 4 sizes, suitable for different sizes reptiles Silver color is fashionable and beautiful Suitable for many types of reptiles, such as turtles, snakes, spiders and other amphibians Light weight and assemblable, easy to transpo...

  • Aluminum Snake Tong NFF-55

    Aluminum Snake Tong NFF-55

    Product Name Aluminum snake tong Specification Color 70cm/ 100cm/ 120cm Golden/ Blue/ Red Material Aluminum alloy Model NFF-55 Product Feature Made from high quality aluminum alloy material, light weight, anti-rust and durable Available in 70cm, 100cm and 120cm three sizes Available in golden, blue, red three colors, beautiful and fashion Highly polished, smooth surface, not easy to be scratched and not easy to get rusty Ergonomic handle design, easy and comfortable to us...

  • Running water feeder

    Running water feeder

     Product Name Running water feeder Product Specifications Product Color 18*12.5*27.5cm Green  Product Material ABS Product Number NW-31 Product Features Simulation leaves, simulate the source of live water in the wild. Hidden water pump, practical and beautiful. Double filtration, excellent water quality.  Product Introduction The water flow is adjustable from 0-200L/H, and the use height is 0-50cm. With 2.5w low power water pump. To solve the water supply problem f...

  • Resin egg shell decoration

    Resin egg shell decoration

    Product Name Resin egg shell decoration Specification Color 11*12*10.5cm Material Resin Model NS-113 Feature Firm and stable, it is not easy to be overturned by a large reptile Made of nontoxic resin, its glaze is bright and vivid, non-toxic for pets Easy to clean, non-toxic and harmless, no deformation Introduction Environmental protection resin as raw material, after high temperature disinfection treatment, non-toxic and tasteless. Suitble for reptile small animals, s...

  • New Flexible Reptile Vine NN-02

    New Flexible Reptile Vine NN-02

     Product Name New flexible reptile vine Product Specifications Product Color S 1.2*180cm M 1.5*180cm L 2.0*180cm Brown  Product Material PVC Product Number NN-02 Product Features Made from high quality pvc material, environmental material, non-toxic and odorless, safe and durable, no harm to your pets 180cm/ 71inches long, enough length to landscape Available in 1.2cm, 1.5cm and 2cm three diameters, suitable for reptiles and terrariums of different sizes Internal hollow and burie...

  • Reptile Terrarium Spray Misting System YL-05

    Reptile Terrarium Spray Misting System YL-05

    Product Name Reptile terrarium spray misting system Specification Color 18.5*13*9cm Black Material Model YL-05 Feature Made from high quality material, safe and durable Black color, exquisite appearance, no affect the landscaping effect Easy to install, very convenient to use Flexible spray nozzles, they can adjust the direction by 360 degrees Fine and even fog, large quantity fog output No noise and silent, no disturbing of reptiles Low functional loss, smooth operation, ...


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